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Omaxe consists principally in IT Consulting  and Software Development  business.


Our mission is to delight our clients by satisfying their information management needs through effective utilization of the best and the most promising new technologies, and exceed their expectations by thriving on a continuous improvement of our services, business processes and capabilities of our people.

In today's age of Intellectual Capitalism, where customers are becoming more discerning, demanding and astute in their selection, we believe in achieving our mission through fostering a spirit of participatory decision making, an environment of vibrant learning, and a deep commitment to our investors, clients and our own people. It is this belief in our investors, customers and our people, coupled with the ability to understand their needs, that has translated into an array of high level of quality conscious personalized services, on the newest technology base.


Working in collaboration with companies across the globe, and helping them streamline their business operations require an extensive and in-depth knowledge of the latest breed of technology. To combat this lightning technological change, Omaxe has strengthened its own base through development of alliance partnerships with Microsoft, Oracle and HTC.

Using the latest technologies and pioneering its innovative use, Omaxe has been able to successfully catapult its clients ahead of competition - thanks to the inherent strengths that it has built up within the work environment, over the years…

  • A vibrant learning environment
  • A dynamic & creative team
  • Dedicated communication facilities
  • Virtual capabilities to deploy solution beyond the global reach of our offices
  • Strict internal standards of quality
  • Global partnerships with some of the best known names in the industry
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